Police Story 2013, Review and Synopsis

Police Story 2013 new movie posterI have not seen for a long time a movie with Jackie Chan, the latter being the Karate Kid, where he teaches Will Smith’s kid karate, so Police Story 2013 (there are some versions from the 80’s – 90’s) seemed to be a good opportunity to see him again. Well, I was wrong! It was not a good opportunity because it’s a poor movie and it was better to pick something older to see Jackie again. However, I chose a new movie to see him in the present day, how’s he doing now that years have passed over him, not how he was doing in his youth.


Despite those six decades of life that passed over him, he’s still doing very well, only that the script of this film was not a special one and had nothing to do more than he did. This seem to be another movie made by a template and just change actors. The fact that they spoke only in Chinese was also a factor that made me not like it, but this is just a personal preference, not necessarily a fault of the film itself. The truth is that Police Story 2013 has been an unfortunate choice for me to meet Jackie again.


The film deals with the eternal theme of the cop who was so absorbed in his work that he neglects his family and, after his wife dies, try to approach the rebellious and estranged daughter who come to hate him because he was not by her side in the most difficult times from her childhood. Then we have a bad guy who uses the girl to reach her ​​father, thus reaching in a situation that’s life-threatening for her, and policeman does everything possible to save his daughter from the hands of the criminal who have tuned some older accounts with him. Besides, we have some not very intense battles, some gunshots and an explosion.

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