Review The Grand Budapest Hotel 2014

The Grand Budapest Hotel movie posterThe Grand Budapest Hotel 2014 is a movie with one of the most misleading possible cast. Why do I say this? Because when you see big names like Jude Law, Adrien Brody, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, Harvey Keitel, Owen Wilson and the list goes on, you remain amazed and after you watch the movie you discover that each of them shows up between 30 seconds and 5 minutes, collected, throughout the movie. Most of them are put there just to attract public, because their roles could be played by any other actors, with or without experience, would have been no difference.


From the actors listed above I intentionally omitted Ralph Fiennes because he did not takes part into that category, he’s „Gustave H.”, the main character of the film and the one who is responsible for the good humor. I can’t see why this film is so appreciated because to me it did not seem as good as the world praise. The sets are beautiful, great costumes and makeup, and a superb soundtrack, but that’s about all, notes from specialized sites seem a bit (more) exaggerated.


The Grand Budapest Hotel is more like a parody, with lots of childish scenes that make those 100 minutes of the movie to seem like 100 days. Technically, the film is a comedy, but to me has induced a state of boredom sister with sleeping. Even if Gustave and the lobby boy, Zero, I thought they were nice, it was not enough to like the movie. Maybe it’s not my kind of film, I have no idea, and this is possible since it managed to gross nearly 160 million dollars with a budget of only 23, but the fact is that I didn’t liked at all.


I’m really curious what you think about it, the ones who read this article and you have seen / will see the movie. What impressed you so much to recommend it to your friends? Or, in other words, will you recommend it to your friends? What would you say to convince them that’s worth watching?

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