Review The To Do List 2013: „Not on the back ‘door’!”

The To Do List movie posterThe To Do List is a B category movie that, even though you know it’s stupid, you watch it and you find yourself laughing. The cast of this film includes two actors from Hart of Dixie series, George and Zoe (Scott Porter and Rachel Bilson). The subject is very „hot” especially among teenagers: the s3x! Or, more specifically, the loss of virginity. If usually in this kind of movies we have boys as the main protagonists, this time it’s about a girl who must pass the „litmus test” of adolescence.


Brandy is a high school nerd who still wasn’t deflowered and when she is about to make the big step with one of the most wanted boys, she realizes that she knows nothing about what to do in the climax and miss the chance, so decides to learn all she can about the subject and draw up a list of things to do before she lose her virginity with the boy she wants it. Cameron, another nerd, is madly in love with Brandy, but she does not realize this and she considers him just a simple friend, but even so she begins to experiment with him some different things in terms of s3x.


To the dismay of her father, her mother and sister, very experienced in this field, gives her different advice about what to do, even when sitting at the table to eat. In her attempt to gain as much experience as she can to succeed in the end to get laid with muscular guy that all the girls want, Brandy goes by many ridiculous and humiliating situations.


Like I said, it’s a stupid movie that I would not be able to recommend to anyone, but when you’re terribly bored and want to see a movie with teenagers, you can watch it. I saw it late at night and succeded to make me laugh a few times so it’s not a catastrophe. I must confess that if I wouldn’t seen this picture of Rachel Bilson I certainly wouldn’t be watched at all, but unfortunately she has only few appearances.

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