Runner Runner 2013, online movie review

Runner Runner movie posterRunner Runner” seemed a very promising movie, with quite interesting actors (although I’m not a fan of Justin Timberlake) and a good story, but after all it was a little disappointing. It’s not the kind of movie to remember long after viewing and to want to see it again after a while. It doesn’t stands out with anything and doesn’t leave anything behind except what we all already know: money makes the law! As long as you pay the right men you don’t have any problem, but when, however, those men starts to get greedy, the beautiful dream starts to crumble too.


The story is interesting, a young student named Richie deals with the promotion of  online poker through affiliate systems to be able to pay his tuition, only that the director of the university where he teaches doesn’t accept such practices and it threatens that if he doesn’t stop promoting gambling sites he will be expelled. Not having too many choices and very good at calculations and probabilities, he puts on the line all his savings (about 17 thousand dollars) and plays poker online to raise money the for schooling – a goal which he easily manages to achive, but suddenly at his table enters a player who cheats and takes all his money.


Realizing that it was deceived and being able to prove this with clear evidence, he decides to go to Costa Rica, where this online casino has its headquarters, to present those evidences to Ivan Block, the owner, and to take back his money. Once he gets there and shows to Ivan those evidences, as a reward that he didn’t posted on the internet this problem, Ivan returns the money and assure him that it was not his intention to cheat customers, but one of its employees did. Also, seeing how smart he is and investigating his life, Ivan proposes to remain in Costa Rica to work at his company and the salary he will recieve is higher than he would’ve ever dreamed. Accepting the offer, Richie enters without realizing in a „risky game” which will be very difficult to get out safely from.

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