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Penny Dreadful – Season one review

Penny Dreadful tv series poster

There, I’ve finished the first season of Penny Dreadful. Started to watch just because of the presence of Eva Green, the series has managed to captivate me from the first episode and made me to wait impatiently the appearance of the following episodes. Eva Green has continued to remain an important factor in the quality of the show (in my opinion), but didn’t represented the main attraction anymore, becoming only an integral part of a complex story. About this series I wrote in the past and if you have not already seen this show, […]

TV Series Game of Thrones, season 4 review

Game of Thrones TV Series poster

Yet another spectacular season of Game of Thrones series, the fourth, has come to an end. I have said on other occasions, but I’ll repeat it now; it’s awful to wait almost a whole year to get ten episodes – one a week – but because we live in a world where money makes the law, we do not have much choice to make, either we wait a few years until we learn how series ends or we give money on the books. Lots of money! If you have not seen the show at […]

Penny Dreadful 2014, new TV Series review

Penny Dreadful tv series poster

I’ve said it on other occasions too, no matter how shallow it sounds, to me it matters a lot what actors are playing into a particular movie or TV Show when I choose to watch it. If I don’t like the actors it is possible to avoid that movie/series for a long period of time, unless I recieve some recommendations from acquaintances. That is when I went on a subtitles website and saw Eva Green on the Penny Dreadful TV Series’ poster and I imediatly went to watch it without read any further details or watch […]

Vikings, TV Series, season two review

Vikings tv series season two poster

Before the season two of the Vikings TV Series I’ve complained that I read some information about the true Ragnar Lodbrok (in the show he’s called Lothbrok) and learned some things that I thought would spoil watching the show, but this never happened after all. Unlike Arrow, I enjoyed more the second season of Vikings than the first, which is a great thing. It’s a fantastic TV show with wonderful scenery and a great soundtrack. It’s pitty that it’s so short, only 19 episodes in two seasons, but perhaps this contributes to the sensational quality […]

Arrow, TV Series, season two review

Arrow, season two poster

After the first half of season two of the TV series Arrow I’ve said that I still like it and it’s still my favorite show, but now that this season has ended I would like to take back the second claim. Overall, after two seasons, yet I can say that is a very good TV show, but I can’t say anymore that it’s my favorite because the second season was not up to the first (I didn’t expect to do it neither). I don’t like that Oliver has repressed his killer instinct and tries to […]

Suits, season 3 review

suits tv show poster

In my opinion, Suits is a show with huge potential, but who was spoiled by producers (and they shall do it further). You can’t make a show and interrupt it in the mid-season to continue after a few months, it’s simply a mockery because you forget much of the events that keeps you on that typical state of excitement. If only there were more episodes per season, like 40-50, I can understand to break it into two pieces, but when you have just 16 episodes in a season is foolish to interrupt at the ten episode and […]

Game of Thrones, Season 4 – in progress

Game of Thrones Season 4 poster

I didn’t wanted to watch season 4 of Game of Thrones until the end because I don’t like to wait one week for an episode, but because there are too much fools on the Internet who make spoilers – regardless is we speak about the „ordinary people” from Facebook or „quality” news websites – I said there’s no use to sit and wait until the end because the morons will tell me anyway what happens. Of course, you could say it’s my fault that I read, but I really can’t avoid these things because they […]

House of Cards, TV series

House of Cards poster

I’ve heard many good things about House of Cards, but I’ve never dared to give it a try to impress me ’till now. Seeing that it has fewer episodes per season and really wanted to watch a show, I decided to see how it is and why he’s so appreciated. And now I understand why! Like Vikings, it succeded to catch me and make me want to see several episodes in a single day, not just one per week.   As I perceive backstage and politic games, I think the plot of this serie […]

I miss Dr. House!

House poster

Unlike the endings of artistic films, when your favorite show ends you feel a huge regret in your heart that you’ll not gonna see your most loved characters, characters with whom you’ve spent hours and days on a row – sometimes even years. Even if the actors appear in other films / shows is not the same as his character in that show. For example, I can’t imagine Michael C. Hall in a different role than that of Dexter. The same thing can be said about Hugh Laurie as Dr. House… I know him […]

Vikings TV show, season 1

Vikings poster

About Vikings, the History Channel’s TV show, I think that is an awesome one, very tough, but some of the details are a bit exaggerated and the events pass very quickly from one point to another. They cover a too long time in a few tens of minutes or from one episode to the next. A good example to understand what I mean, insignificant in evolution of the show, not to make spoilers, but very suggestive, is the appearance of the monk that Ragnar takes it „prisoner”: in one episode his face is shaved […]