Snowpiercer 2013 – The train of life

Snowpiercer posterLooking at the poster of Snowpiercer I had the feeling that it’s an asian movie and I was willing to overlook it, because I don’t really enjoy Asian films, but after I’ve read a bit about it, because it was praised by people, I’ve seen that the main role belongs to Chris Evans, „Captain America”! Passed over the first impression, I wanted to see the movie and my conclusion is more inclined towards the negative than the positive one. Many have asked, „Why a train?” Well, I think that because it was perhaps the only place unexplored by directors in the event of disasters and is one of the few places that can support an entire ecosystem, at least theoretically, in case of Ice Age.


Wanting to stop global warming, people have produced a real disaster, causing an ice age, killing all life on the planet. Anticipating that a disaster will occur, Mr. Wilford has built a miracle-train powered by an engine that works on the principle of perpetual motion. This train is kind of a Noah’s Ark, but it’s populated mostly by humans, and those humans are divided into sectors (cars): the poor ones are in the tail and as you go further on the train, the welfare increases. There’s cars prisons, schools, aquariums, garden, etc… Of course, the citizens from the tail of the train, being poor and living in miserable conditions, are oppressed by the others and not allowed to pass the cars in front, and the food is offered in the form of protein bars.


Moreover, armed guards periodically visit them on the tail of the train and take their children from some obscure reason, and any attempt of disobedience is punished severely. Tired of oppression, Curtis, Edgar, Gilliam and other citizens of that car, put together a plan to pass the barricades and get to locomotive to take control of the entire train, and the most important step is to reach the car-jail to release a prisoner named Namgoong Minsu, the one who designed the security system of the train and the only one who can help them open the doors.



So far it interesting, but then it becomes very predictable. For example, I realized almost from the halfway of the film that Gilliam is not what it seems to be when he says to Curtis that if he come face to face with Willford don’t let him speak whatsoever. It was clear why he does not want to let him speak. But at the same time, I don’t see why he would want to be a partner with Willford, since he had so much to suffer and struggle so hard living in the tail of the train. There appeared to be no benefit from this partnership for him – which is absurd!


In my opinion, Snowpiercer it’s just a decent film. It’s not boring, but neither exceptional.

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