Suits, season 3 review

suits tv show posterIn my opinion, Suits is a show with huge potential, but who was spoiled by producers (and they shall do it further). You can’t make a show and interrupt it in the mid-season to continue after a few months, it’s simply a mockery because you forget much of the events that keeps you on that typical state of excitement. If only there were more episodes per season, like 40-50, I can understand to break it into two pieces, but when you have just 16 episodes in a season is foolish to interrupt at the ten episode and then make the rest of six episodes after 6 months.


Warning! Possible spoilers!

Aside from this detail, the show itself is not as exciting as it was in the first and second season, it already began to develop into a soap opera. The lawyer cases have overshadowed and the attention is more focused on romantic (or not) relationships of the characters. Too many people knows Mike’s secret and too easily was set aside Louis from his quest to find the truth about the prodigy kid. A prodigy kid that wants to leave his „nest” and fly to higher peaks, but that secret is a heavy weight on his shoulders.


I do not understand why they force the relationship between Harvey and Scottie when it’s clear as day light that he is meant to be with Donna. It was clear that from the beginning of the show and towards the end I am convinced that they will stay together. Maybe they will even start their relationship from the next season that will premiere in the summer. In any case, I hope that next season to slow down with romantic intrigue and focus more on the interesting lawyer cases and Mike’s secret.


P. S. At first I liked Rachel, but lately she has become very antipathetic, and often her reactions towards Mike are annoying and absurd.

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