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Noah 2014, new movie review and synopsis

Noah movie poster

Regardless of the criticism it has received so far and seem it will receive more in the future this film, in my opinion, Noah 2014 was not a bad film at all, on the contrary, it seemed really good. I have nothing to do with religion, the Bible and stuff like that, so it seems ridiculous to me to criticize Arnofosky’s fiction just because it doesn’t comply with the fiction that tells you, the believer, that book with a cross on it. Ultimately, this is a sci-fi movie, not documentary (it wouldn’t have what […]

Thor: The Dark World, online movie review

Thor The Dark World poster

One of the most unpleasant feelings when it comes to movies is when you’re waiting eagerly for months to see a film and when you finally get to watch it, gives you the impression that you’ve waited in vain, because the quality of the film is one at least questionable – if not worse. Something like this is Thor: The Dark World. Not a bad movie, but did not live upto expectations – at least mine. Some scenes from the film (most of the action and fighting ones) were more suited for a movie […]