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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s First Words After Open Heart Surgery: ‘I’m back

Arnold Schwarzenegger is stable and recovering after undergoing open heart surgery following complications that arose during a planned heart valve replacement.
His first words after waking up were “I’m back,” his representative Daniel Ketchell tweeted on Friday, adding that the actor “is in good spirits.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger Joins Michael Fassbender in the ‘Kung Fury’ Movie

If you missed it, that bananas 2015 viral video Kung Fury is getting a feature film adaptation, starring none other than Oscar-nominated actor Michael Fassbender. That’s real, I didn’t make that up. And now, Kung Fury has signed on exactly the kind of actor you want to see in a 1980s nostalgia-fest, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The consummate 80s action star has signed on to join Fassbender and David Hasselhoff (who returns from a cameo in the short).

Schwarzenegger reveals the secret of his „Terminator: Genesis” character

Terminator 5: Genesis picture

The star revealed in a recent interview, how will look like his character in Terminator: Genesis. Filming for his upcoming Terminator: Genesis are scheduled to begin in April