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The Equalizer (2014), New Movie Review

The Equalizer (2014) movie poster

The Equalizer (2014) is the kind of movie that I watch and I enjoy it for two hours, but after it ends I move forward as if nothing happened. It doesn’t wake me any emotion to keep it with me more than ten minutes after it’s over. It’s a movie with „testosterone” it didn’t bored me, but neither make me exclaim out loud „Yes, my brother, this is a good movie!” It’s fun, it has the “pac-pac” with it, it has Denzel Washington in the role of vigilante, is has what it take to […]

Carrie 2013, online movie review

Carrie movie poster

Apart from the final sequences, „Carrie” did not seemed to be a horror movie at all, but I liked how the story was made. Until the end it seemed a normal movie with a teenager tormented by her mother to live a sinless life, which has transformed her in the target of colleague bullies and freak of the high school, because of the way she’s dressed and because she doesn’t talk to nobody more than the bare necessities. Her mother is so religious (I would say crazy) that does not allow the girl to do anything […]