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The Last Samurai 2003, movie review

The Last Samurai movie poster

At the insistence of a „friendly ghost” I took a break from the new movies and I decided to watch an older movie, „The Last Samurai”, starring Tom Cruise in the lead role and the only regret is that I’ve waited so long to watch it. The recommendation was made to me several months ago, but I kept putting it off because it takes a bit too much to watch and it’s pretty old so I have some hard times to see such movies. The Last Samurai is the kind of movie that you […]

47 Ronin 3013: Honor beyond life

47 Ronin poster

Usually I don’t watch Asian movies, but when in cast appears an Western actor, like Scott Adkins in Ninja duology or this case, Keanu Reeves, in 47 Ronin, I get over this habit and I play the movie in question. Having missed a long period from the „good people” of cinema world and, meanwhile, made ​​his debut in directing career through the Man of Tai Chi movie, Keanu returns to foreground with the role of Kai, a British child raised among magicians and grown up among the samurais that considers him a monster, a […]