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JOE 2013, New Movie Review

Joe 2013 movie poster

Nicolas Cage has become lately a kind of Adam Sandler; His mere presence in the cast is a negative vote for the movie in question, but comes from time to time one like JOE 2013 that raises the level again and it reminds us that he’s one of the greatest actors of the world and Oscar awarded. I knew about this movie for a long time, but I thought ’till now that it is not worth to pay attention… Well, I was wrong and the movie proved to be quite interesting, but not only […]

Movie Review Tokarev 2014: The Wrath of Nicolas Cage

Tokarev movie poster

The film’s title „Tokarev” is taken from a gun designed by Russian Fiodor Vasilievich Tokarev for the Red Army in the ’30s. This gun has a very important role in the movie equation, but of course I will not tell you what it is not to make spoilers. It’s a film that doesn’t stands out with anything spectacular, a movie with a plot that I have seen on many other occasions, with other actors and other directors, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a bad movie… it’s just a copy with a few […]