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Valkyrie 2008, old movie review

valkyrie 2008 movie poster

Because I had a lot of failures with the latest new movies I’ve seen this week, I decided to go somewhat to the safe with an oldest film, honoring this way the recommendation I received from the same „friendly ghost” who recommended me „The Last Samurai” too. Why do I say that I went to the safe? Because this movie has Tom Cruise in the lead role and it’s subject is WWII: yes, I’m talking about Valkyrie 2008. The only negative thing that I found is that this movie was inspired by real events […]

The Last Samurai 2003, movie review

The Last Samurai movie poster

At the insistence of a „friendly ghost” I took a break from the new movies and I decided to watch an older movie, „The Last Samurai”, starring Tom Cruise in the lead role and the only regret is that I’ve waited so long to watch it. The recommendation was made to me several months ago, but I kept putting it off because it takes a bit too much to watch and it’s pretty old so I have some hard times to see such movies. The Last Samurai is the kind of movie that you […]