The Equalizer (2014), New Movie Review

The Equalizer (2014) is the kind of movie that I watch and I enjoy it for two hours, but after it ends I move forward as if nothing happened. It doesn’t wake me any emotion to keep it with me more than ten minutes after it’s over. It’s a movie with „testosterone” it didn’t bored me, but neither make me exclaim out loud „Yes, my brother, this is a good movie!” It’s fun, it has the “pac-pac” with it, it has Denzel Washington in the role of vigilante, is has what it take to not make me regret the two hours spent viewing of it, but that’s all.The Equalizer (2014) movie posterActually, I’m lying, it has something more. It has Chloë Grace Moretz too! : D Unfortunately she is not very present on screen, despite the fact that she is the reason Denzel battles with the Russian mobs. In my opinion, the film is very predictable and does not leave much room for suspense – the only unknown is how he manages to kill the russians, the rest is known from the outset. But that’s not as bad as it seems. He offers us plenty of fighting, firecrackers and a Denzel with badass attitude, a “poker face killer”, the protector of the oppressed.


Denzel plays Robert McCall, a (obvious) retired CIA agent who leads a solitary life after the death of his wife. Going often at a cafe, he befriends a teenage prostitute, Terri (Chloe), whose real name is Alina, and after her pimp beat her so badly that arrives at the hospital, he decides to take the matter in his own hands. At first, he tries to go on the peacefull path, but of course you can’t deal like that with these kind of people, so he need to choose a violent path instead that draws him into a war with the mafia clans, especially the Russian one.


That would be „long story short”. Denzel Washington fits in the role of silent killer, who’s calculating every move and leave nothing to chance. I loved the soundtrack and his improvisations with which eliminates the enemies, but I did not understand very clear why he had that obsession of timing everything. Finally, I think it’s a good movie to spend time with him, but doesn’t show me anything that I have not seen before.

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