The Great Beauty / La Grande Bellezza 2013, review

La Grande Bellezza  The Great Beauty 2013 movie posterThere are some people who, when they see a straight line drawn on a canvas that is exposed into an art gallery, tend to analize it with so much seriousness and attention to discover in it some existential meanings that they omit exactly the essential: it’s just a goddamn line! Something like this seemed to me to be La Grande Bellezza. I think it is the best movie about nothing. There are many beautiful pictures, pleasent to the eye, but after a while they started to bore me and as soon as the movie ended I closed my eyes and take a nap.


Basically, it’s like you go to the store and see a bright packaging that it’s like he’s beging you buy it and then you get home to discover that there is no content, it’s an empty shell. Beautiful, but empty. I’m not the type of man who sees the universe in a simple coffee stain, so alleged subliminal symbols and meanings that would submit this film had me not at all, on the contrary… The only scene I liked the the entire film is when Jep, the main character, with a few words abolishes the „woman with testicles” (as she characterized herself, this phrase it’s not mine).


However, I would not want to be misunderstood… I do not say it’s a bad movie, because those many awards he has won and the nominations that received at Film Festivals would strongly argue me, I’m just saying that it’s not for everyone, it addresses to a category of people that I do not belong. I can not say exactly what’s that category, but certainly I do not find myself in it. Everything I say is my honest opinion and the effect this movie had on me. What bores me someone can find it awesome and inspirational, but I would not be able to recommend this movie to my friends. Note that I have not even written a synopsis… that’s because there’s not much to write about it. Like I said, my opinion is that The Great Beauty is the best film about nothing.

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