The Immigrant 2013, online movie review

The Immigrant movie posterEver since I first saw her in „Love me if you dare”, Marion Cotillard‘s face remained imprinted in my mind and even though she has known success with roles from more prestigious films (got an Oscar for her role in „La vie en rose”), for me that movie remains a big milestone. Seeing her face on the poster of „The Immigrant”, alongside of Joaquin Phoenix and Jeremy Renner, obviously there was no way to remain impassive and immediately I took the time to watch it. This is the kind of movie made ​​for festivals (the proof are the nominations from Palme D’Or at Cannes and other major festivals), which does not attract much of the general public.


I really enjoyed the movie, especially because of the first two actors and the ’20s era in which the story takes place, but I can not say that I was impressed by something in particular or that it stuck in my mind a scene or a specifically line. Although she’s French, Marion plays a polish girl named Ewa who wants to emigrate with her ​​sister Magda in America, but Magda is retained in Ellis Island, New York, because she is suffering from tuberculosis, and held in quarantine. Ewa is about to be deported, only that a man named Bruno Weiss (Joaquin Phoenix) lay eyes on her and pulls some strings to get her rid of expulsion.


Bruno takes her to his home and initially wants to give her a job as a seamstress at the theater where he works, but her beauty recommends her for a job much more than that. Under the shelter of that theater, Bruno along with another woman holds two illegal business: alcohol marketing and prostitution. When a rich man sees Ewa and pay a higher amount of money than usual that his son may have her, Bruno (who meanwhile falls in love with her​​) tells Ewa that if she wants to have any chance to see her sister anymore, she must accept to become a prostitute.


You may wonder where Jeremy Renner is, because I mentioned him at the begining of the article. Well, he appears on the halfway through the film playing a stage magician named Orlando and obviously sees Ewa too and falls in love immediately. Emil, on his real name, is Bruno’s cousin with which is not in some very cordial relations and when he tries to help Ewa to escape from this hell, reignite the spark of an old war that had with Bruno. Ewa is caught in the middle because Bruno has the relationships and money to release her sister and Emil has only charm and promises of a better life.

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