The Monuments Men 2014, online movie review

The Monuments Men movie posterThe first thing that stands out in The Monuments Men is the exceptional cast, but unfortunately this is the first and last thing, because besides the actors has nothing special. The story seemed interesting, but the realization was a poor to very poor one and I’ve made great efforts to not fall asleep on this movie. The action is slow, has not even a little suspense, the humor is missing and the drama too (even if two people die, doesn’t impress at all), it’s simply some people who go from one place to another to recover some work art stolen by the Nazis and to return them to their rightful owners.


I thought it’s impossible that a movie starring Matt Damon, George Clooney, Bill Murray, John Goodman, Jean Dujardin and Cate Blanchett can be bad, but here’s the reality that proves again that the cast is not everything when it comes to a good film. You can have great actors, but if you don’t put their huge potential in a good angle is useless. George Clooney is the one who directed this movie and the script was written by him, along with Grant Heslov, the same with whom he collaborated on The Ides of March, a movie that came out much better than this, even receiving an Oscar nomination in the category Best Writing, Adapted Screenplay.


Not much to say about this movie, because if I list all the things that I didn’t liked I should write up ’till tomorrow, and those who I liked are nonexistent. I just liked the idea and the message he wants to convey, that arts and culture is important for all people and we must do everything possible to preserve those things that provide the identity of each nation. A human life is more important than a work of art? Maybe not…

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