The Spectacular Now 2013, Movie Review

The Spectacular Now movie posterUnlike most of the teen movies, „The Spectacular Now 2013” is not crammed with clichés and sugarly. Sure, there are some similarities to other films of this genre, but not so striking as to give the impression that you’re watching a movie you’ve seen so many times before. I never liked Miles Teller, so not even now I can not say anything good about him, even if, as experts say, he played very well his role. About Shailene Woodley I just know that she plays in „Divergent” and is currently in vogue on Hollywood, many describing her as the new Jennifer Lawrence, but I think that’s not realy true. Sure, she played well, she knew how to make a good impression many times, but I don’t see her so talented and „lovable” as Lawrence.


By „The Spectacular Now” director James Ponsoldt (or more correctly will be Tim Tharp, the author who wrote the book which inspired the movie) wants to show that even the party-people and the ones that give the impression that they are full of life are hiding in their soul great sufferings that seeks to stifle with the parties and alcohol under the pretext that they „live the moment”. But the most beautiful thing about the „moment” is that tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and next week, next year… all the rest of your life is full of „moments” and you must do so that tomorrow or after a year’s „moment” to be worth lived. At least this is what I understood.


I do not know why Miles Teller gets almost always roles of womanizer, because it seems to me that he is not fit at all for it, but since there are so many directors who choose him, it means they see something in him that I fail to understand, so it is that in „The Spectacular Now” he again has the role of the party boy who gets to be attached in some way to a girl with an opposite mentality. But this movie is not just about a love story between teenagers, with situations and sufferings associated, it is more than that.


In the end, I would like to give you one more detail that probably will convince you to watch this movie: the writers of „The Spectacular Now” are the same who have dealt with the script of „(500) Days of Summer”, with Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the main roles. Enjoy!

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