The Trials of Cate McCall 2013, new movie review

The Trials of Cate McCall movie posterFeelings are not facts.” This seems to me the most important thing to remember from „The Trials of Cate McCall” and need to be applied in everyday life of each of us. You can really love someone, but if your actions do not reflect this, everything is in vain. At the end of the day, the facts are the one that count and those that makes the difference, not feelings. This is a story I’ve seen in other movies too, but usually the parent with issues is the father, this is about a mother who is too absorbed by her own problems and work that comes to neglect her daughter – yes, I was more attracted by this part of the story than the lawyer cases one, although neither that part is bad.


I liked the role that ​​Kate Beckinsale made, it seemed very human, natural, with human emotions, not forced ones. In addition, each presence of Nick Nolte is great. He knows exactly what to say, when to say and how to deal with it to make her (and us) to reflect at the problem and to find a solution. Cate McCall‘s problem occurred many years ago when, following the rules by the book the, being a lawyer, she made ​​for a man to be convicted of a heinous act and after a while, when technology has advanced far enough, they have found evidences that the individual was actually innocent!


This case grinds slowly but surely on Cate and she’s becoming an alcoholic, loses the custody of her daughter and is about to throw at the trash her brilliant career after arguing with a judge and was putted on a trial parole and if she doesn’t make order in her (proffesional) life, she’s going to be disbarred. She gets the case of a young woman, Lacey Stubbs, who was accused of murder and who wants to make an appeal to the sentence received because she believes that were committed judicial errors. Cate discovers (too) easy evidences to get Lacey out of the mess and to demonstrate that the case was fabricated​​, but then she finds out that she could not defend a victim but a criminal. Being in the process of recover her daughter’s custody and to rehabilitate herself, Cate is again facing problems of morality and beyond. What’s the point of having rules if, following them blindly, you commit injustice?


I really liked the movie and I gave it note 8 on IMDb. If this note is worth it or not I let you to decide after you will watch the movie.

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