Top 10 best movies I’ve seen in 2014

top 10 bannerI first wanted to make a top 5 of the best movies seen by me in the first half of 2014, but I could not choose just five to make a top so I expanded it to 10. ‘Till today, I’ve seen 91 movies and most of them are new ones (the 2013’s movie I’ll put in the new movies category, because they’ve appeared only towards the end of the year) and a few older movies. Among the 91 movies seen so far, 48 have been from 2013, 22 from 2014 and the rest are from 2012 and below. My top is dominated by Marvel movies, who occupies the top two spots.


1. X-Men: Days of the Future Past 2014
X-Men has no rival for first place is definitely the best movie I saw this year. I loved everything about it and I gaved it a perfect ten.


2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier 2014
I have nothing to reproach to Captain America neither, I liked very much, but it seemed that X-Men had a little extra. As much as I would love Scarlett Johansson and that the villain’s role belongs to my compatriot Sebastian Stan, I have to accept that X-Men is a little better.


3. Her in 2013
This film does not take one of the first two places not because it’s not good enough, but because it’s the kind of movie that affects you emotionally and creates a state of melancholy.


4. Nebraska 2013
For those who have a special bond with their parents, especially their fathers, it’s a brilliant movie. We must learn to appreciate every moment spent in their company as much as we still have them. A life lesson!


5. Dallas Buyers Club 2013
And this is a life lesson too, but this is about our own lives. It’s an extraordinary film about the desire to live, prejudices and pharmaceutical/medical system, which often kill instead to save lives.


6. 21 Grams 2003
Another movie that puts you into depression. A film where you get to sympathize even with the villain, because he has his own story, his own suffering too.


7. Filth 2013
After this movie started my „obsession” to watch all movies with James McAvoy. I really liked the role he had here and the film itself was great.


8. The Wolf of Wall Street in 2013
A film which I supported at one point in the race for Oscar, but was eventually dethroned in my preferences and this 8th place I think it’s a fair one. For those interested in business, is a film from where you can learn a lot of useful things, but for the others … can only remain with funny moments and the avalanche of curses.


9. The Last Samurai 2007
An impressive film about honor, remorse, the need to redeem yourself for your sins to finally find peace of mind.


10. Downfall 2004
For this 10th place have „fought” about 5 movies, but I’ve chose „The Last Days of Hitler” because I like the subject of the World War II. I like to see how were the people of our grandparents’ generation, how cruel and primitive humanity was only a few generations ago. Although we still have many sins, we managed to evolve from that times were our grandparents lived in.


This is my top after the first six months of 2014. There is at least one movie that can enter very easily in this top, or even top 5, but which I didn’t got to see it ’till now: Edge of Tomorrow. You can view the entire list of 91 movies that I’ve seen this year and from where I’ve chosen this top, in the photo album from my Facebook profile.


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