Transcendence 2014, new movie review

Transcendence movie posterFirst of all, I would like to say that Transcendence did not seem to me that weak like most people lets to understand. It may not be the best movie of the year, but certainly neither the worst – although I’m sure that’s going to get at least a Razzie nomination based on what catastrophic reviews have – it’s a rather average movie that you can watch at least one  time to make your own opinion about it. There where always been curious people, people who wanted to know and understand everything, and in the recent decades has started a new craze – creating of Artificial Intelligence.


Let’s say that I can understand why they want to do it, but Transcendence takes this idea to extreme and Dr. Will Caster (Johnny Depp) wants to create a super-mega-hyper intelligence that will have all possible knowledge and have the ability to feel, to have emotions. Why would anyone want to do that… I lost the thread here because, logically thinking, if a „thing” is that smart, it remains only a matter of time until „he” will find a way to get out of control, and once out of control… who knows what could do? Why create something so strong that you can not control?


But just as there have always been visionaries, there were many people, the vast majority, who are afraid of new, of what they can not understand – a fear more or less justified. And this fear is implemented into movie too, because there is a group of radicals who fear that the Artificial Intelligence Dr. Caster creates will cause a catastrophe for humanity, so make a plot to kill him, a few colleagues of his, and to destroy all its findings. The attempt to kill him turns out to be the catalyst for his breakthrough.


What is the point of struggling to create an intelligence from scratch when you can duplicate one? Will’s wife, Evenlyn (Rebecca Hall), based on the findings of a colleague, decide to try an extreme experiment: to upload all Will’s consciousness into a computer. With the success of this operation begin problems for the film, because there are some logical fractures and similarities with other films – like Her, for example.


Attention! Spoiler!
What I did not liked is that the movie was first built on moral and social controversies regarding the creation of Artificial Intelligence and loosing control of the creator, and finally the whole bubble bursts and gives a tragic love story final… The (almost) Artificial Intelligence was not as bad as everybody thought, she just wanted to change the whole world for the better, not just humanity, is a kind of Flower Power. To make good for not being bad. It’s a movie who had great potential but was nonchalantly wasted.

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