Transformers: Age of Extinction – best debut at the box office in 2014

Transformers Age of Extinction Optimus Prime PosterSurprisingly or not, demolished by critics, Transformers: Age of Extinction shatters box office in North America and becomes the first movie in 2014 to reach $100 million in the weekend debut thus displacing Captain America: The Winter Soldier who held the debut record revenue this year by about 95 million. And overseas, the Autobots did not fared bad at all, accumulating another 201 million dollars (about 90 million of which came only from China, the absolute record for an American film in that country) and resulting a total to just over 300 million in one weekend.


Even if it’s the only movie from the series that was released on a Friday (the others were released on Wednesday and had two extra days to accumulate income debut), „Age of Extinction” was surpassed only by „Revenge of the Fallen”, which has grossed nearly 110 million. The other two have failed to reach the threshold of 100 million, but on the total revenue, „Dark of the Moon” performed the best, managing to exceed one billion, accumulating 1.12 billion worldwide.


I wonder if this will be able to touch and the magic figure of one billion and after this start, I do not see what could prevent it even to become the most profitable film from the series, especially because there are many countries (eg Japan), where the premiere will take place in the coming months… and regardless of the views of critics, bang-bang, boom-boom always attracted the audience.

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