True Detective 2014: A brilliant show to watch

True-detective posterWhen you look at the cast of a movie or show and you see there names like Matthew McConaughey, the newly Oscar winner, Woody Harrelson, another great actor in Hollywood, Michelle Monaghan, actress who has appeared in a lot of good movies like Source Code, Eagle Eye and Mission: Impossible, and a personal crush, Alexandra Daddario, surely you can’t stay indifferent and soon you make time to watch it. About True Detective I’ve heard even before the pilot was out and I’ve said that I would see it no matter what.


The downside to this show is that the action takes place „from memories” , if I may express in that manner, because detectives Rust and Marty talk about a case that they had 17 years ago and returned to pressent on some grounds you will find watching the show. The image is passing from past to present several times during a episode. That’s the worst part, because you see them now, you know that what happened in the past events, which is presented now to us, doesn’t affect them, you know they don’t lose a hand, ear, leg, etc…


Instead, Matthew McConaughey’s character, Rust Cohle, is simply mesmerizing and captivates you from the first episode! He has a view about life, about people, about religion, about the universe that leaves you speechless and the cynicism and pragmatism that shows it is impressive. I’ve included in the equation religion because crime that they need to solve have religious connotations, which brings them in a position to discuss the matter out.


I don’t know if there is in reality such a man as character Rust Cohle, but if there were one, I would love to meet him and talk to him. I like his cynicism, I love his concepts stated above, I would like to be as he is. And, by the way, I have said on other occasions, in shows with brilliant characters (he, House M.D., Lie to Me, etc) they are all loners. The characters have no family, doesn’t have to much of a social life, but they’re absolutely brilliant on the job they perform and are very good at „readind” people.


Unfortunately, the show is very short, only 8 episodes and a possible season two will surely be made without McConaughey, who announced that he would not return for season two. From my point of view, it would be better not to continue with another season because it makes no sense to continue a show without the main character. Removing Rust from the equation is like you remove Dr. Gregory House and continue the serie, or Dexter Morgan, or, or, or. That makes no sense!


Anyway, True Detective is a very good show and the character Rust Cohle must be watched with great attention because it has some very interesting lines. Matthew McConaughey’s performance is great and has already entered in the top of my favorite actors, even if I fail to write or pronounce his name correctly. 😀

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