TV Series Game of Thrones, season 4 review

Game of Thrones TV Series posterYet another spectacular season of Game of Thrones series, the fourth, has come to an end. I have said on other occasions, but I’ll repeat it now; it’s awful to wait almost a whole year to get ten episodes – one a week – but because we live in a world where money makes the law, we do not have much choice to make, either we wait a few years until we learn how series ends or we give money on the books. Lots of money! If you have not seen the show at all or are you currently watching it, then I recommend you stop reading and watch it ’till the end before you read further because I will give some details that can spoil your pleasure of discovering the events.


After the House Stark was nearly eradicated in the first three seasons, in this fourth season the Lannisters were the ones who suffered the most damage. There was some speculation before the last episode of season four (certainly started from those who have read the books and knew what would happen) in connection with its broadcast date that coincides with Father’s Day, inducing the clear idea that Tywin Lannister will be killed, but the big surprise for me (and others I believe) it was the killer: my favorite, Tyrion, the ostracized son of Tywin. What a Father’s Day gift!


However, the best moment of the season remains Joffrey Baratheon’s death, perhaps the most hated character in history! Although I wanted a brutal death for him (would have been wonderful to have the death of Oberyn Martell), his mere disappearance was enough for me to have a very high satisfaction. Now, all the characters are in crucial moments in their lives; Arya Stark must cope alone, now that she doesn’t have the Hound anymore to defend her (or keep her captive, depending on how you look it); Sansa will certainly have troubles with Baelish; Now that Tywin is dead, Cersei has no reason anymore to marry Loras Tyrell and I think she will do everything to prevent the wedding of Tommen and Margery.


About Bran and Jon Snow I don’t know what to think, I really have no idea what will happen to them, but I do not care very much neither because I don’t really like these characters. Instead, Tyrion… I’m really curious what it will happen with him and if Varys will truly be his friend or will betray him in the end. The evolution of „Mother of Dragons”, Daenerys Targaryen, will be interesting to watch too. Already she’s having trouble to master her „children”, and the next season will probably be higher.


I would be tempted to buy the books to see how this saga ends, but the price is quite high. There are many books and if you want to buy them all you’ll need to spend over 100 euros … I’ll have to wait for the series to continue.

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