Under the Skin in 2013, new movie review

Under the Skin (2013) movie posterUnder the Skin in 2013 is one of the most weird movies that I’ve ever seen. Not necessarily the worst, but certainly is very strange. Seeing how such movies are so praised by experts and alleged experts, I wonder if they are paid to write positive reviews or are simply trolling to see if they have such an influence as to convince the main public that a shitty movie is actually a masterpiece. If it wasn’t Scarlett Johansson in the lead role, I would certainly have stopped this movie after the first 15-20 minutes and take a nap instead.


The movie is very „quiet” in the sense that it speaks very little, short lines and dry with no depth, just to hear Scarlett’s voice occasionally, otherwise nothing. Scarlett is a supposedly alien who has taken human form and uses sexuality to attract men to a place where they fall into a some kind of abyss where they are consumed by… something. Where does this alien come from, why she’s doing all of this, what is the ultimate goal… I do not know because nobody explain anything. It’s a vacuum.


She’s simply walking on the streets of Scotland with a car and pickup men to send them in that abyss. The only small twist is that as she spend more time in the human skin and interact with people, our alien also becomes more human and vulnerable. From a shark in a tank full of little fishes, she gets lost in a endless forest like a scared deer. I do not know what the world found so interesting in this movie because I did not find anything. Perhaps the men were so seduced by Scarlett’s full naked appearances and therefore had many words of praise and women have seen that even she is not as perfect as they thought and their self-esteem raised.

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