Valkyrie 2008, old movie review

valkyrie 2008 movie posterBecause I had a lot of failures with the latest new movies I’ve seen this week, I decided to go somewhat to the safe with an oldest film, honoring this way the recommendation I received from the same „friendly ghost” who recommended me „The Last Samurai” too. Why do I say that I went to the safe? Because this movie has Tom Cruise in the lead role and it’s subject is WWII: yes, I’m talking about Valkyrie 2008. The only negative thing that I found is that this movie was inspired by real events and as we all know the history of war and how Hitler died, the final outcome is known in advance, so I wasn’t nervous in this regard.


Passing over this detail, the film is very interesting to watch as a documentary. Perhaps there are some fictional scenes and dialogues, but most of the events happened in reality, that’s way is so interesting to watch. There are some small inaccuracies (I read on Wikipedia about Operation Valkyrie after I watched the movie), but not so obtrusive as to spoil the good overall quality of the film. From my point of view, for the genre enthusiasts, is a film not to be missed, and to the least passionate about this topic I only say this: give it a chance!


The film shows the last known assassination attempt on Hitler, coming from the Germans, before the war ended. In this movie is included the famous scene with the bag of explosives placed by Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg in Hitler’s conference room that I saw it many times before on documentary channels. The operation consists in killing Adolf Hitler and use the Reserve Army to take over Berlin and arrest the SS leaders under the pretext that they had organized a coup.

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