Vikings, TV Series, season two review

Vikings tv series season two posterBefore the season two of the Vikings TV Series I’ve complained that I read some information about the true Ragnar Lodbrok (in the show he’s called Lothbrok) and learned some things that I thought would spoil watching the show, but this never happened after all. Unlike Arrow, I enjoyed more the second season of Vikings than the first, which is a great thing. It’s a fantastic TV show with wonderful scenery and a great soundtrack. It’s pitty that it’s so short, only 19 episodes in two seasons, but perhaps this contributes to the sensational quality of the show, maybe if they would stretch with it would dilute the story and would not have been so intense anymore.



If you have not seen the Vikings TV Series yet, then stop reading this, watch it and return here to tell us your oppinion about it. You’ll surely not going to regret any moment! If you saw it, leave a reply in the comments section.


As the first season ended I was afraid that Lagertha will be removed from the show completly, but to my joy, this didn’t happen, as she rebounded strongly in the second half of the season and made ​​some furore with Ragnar even if they’re not married anymore. She herself became an Earl after she killed her abusive husband and is now Ragnar’s equal in terms of social rank. In season two, Björn had became a big boy and fights alongside his parents against the Saxons, earning the reputation of Björn Ironside, and Rolo tries to redeem himself in the eyes of his brother whom he betrayed in the first season.


Floki, the second favorite male character of mine, after Ragnar, obviously, also has a much more important role this time and made me move from sympathy to hate, and vice versa, to him several times. I came to hate him when it seem he had allied with King Horik, but then gave me immense satisfaction when I saw it was all facade and he never betrayed Ragnar. Also Siggy – even if she’s a slut and tries to get various benefits by selling her body, ultimately proved to be more loyal than many wives. I greatly enjoyed this season finale. I would have been very disappointed if Floki would have gone through with the betrayal of Ragnar.


I really like Ragnar because, despite the extrem barbarism that shows (such as the punishment given by him to Earl Borg, the Blood Eagle) and wildness that shown in battle, is a very calm and calculated man, extremely carefull to details. The priest Athelstan had an interesting role this season too and is an important pillar for each side (Northmen and Saxons) in their attempt to know and understand their enemy and has suffered greatly because of his more and more confusing faith.


Anyway, Vikings it’s an exceptional TV Show! Even if I want to say something bad about it I don’t have what. I can’t wait to start season three, but unfortunately we have to until 2015…

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