Vikings TV show, season 1

Vikings posterAbout Vikings, the History Channel’s TV show, I think that is an awesome one, very tough, but some of the details are a bit exaggerated and the events pass very quickly from one point to another. They cover a too long time in a few tens of minutes or from one episode to the next. A good example to understand what I mean, insignificant in evolution of the show, not to make spoilers, but very suggestive, is the appearance of the monk that Ragnar takes it „prisoner”: in one episode his face is shaved and in the other he has a big beard. Even if it’s a little annoyng, I understand that they have no choice, because they have only 9 episodes for covering this story.


I find it somewhat fascinating the faith they have in all those gods, how many things they can do to „please the gods” or „not atrract their wrath”. Warriors who are eager to die in battle to go in „Valhalla” – a majestic, enormous hall located in Asgard, ruled over by the god Odin and where the Vikings who die in battle go after death – or how they offer themselfs to be sacrificed in various rituals for the sake of the welfare and fate of having a favorable gods for their loved ones. Obviously that all this is nonsense, but it’s interesting how strongly they believe in all sorts of gods and supernatural forces.


The story revolves around the legendary warrior Ragnar Lothbrok, first north who successfully ventured in West to discover new lands and treasures, discovering thus England. I will not say more about the story itself for not throwing spoilers in left and right because I made a huge mistake to read on Wikipedia, even before I write these lines, about Ragnar and even if the season two hasn’t started yet,  I already know, in big lines, what will happen to him and now I’m sorry that I did that. That’s because I assume that producers will not change the historical facts and go on the same line… whitch sucks!


In any case, it’s a great show with wonderful scenery, which is worth a look. I love Ragnar Lothbrok character, played excellent by Travis Fimmel.

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